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During my childhood, taking photos with a camera was a rare occasion. But for the past 10 years, the way we take photos has evolved. Today, the photo is commonly taken for everything around us. My father in law loves taking photos, especially of his grandchildren. Once in a while, he shares these photos in our family group and enjoys sharing the stories behind each photo. That is when I realized these are memories not meant to be forgotten. From a collection of 1000s of photos, I came to realize how time passes by, all the experiences over time from growing up, graduation, marriage, additional family members, good time with friends, moving into a new home, memorable birthdays and anniversaries, and the perfect family get-togethers and vacations.

Some of these memories should not be forgotten, meant to be cherished and spoken about. So I decided to frame them. The simple idea leads to some tedious, time-consuming tasks. From getting the photos developed to finding the suitable frame. Some of the photos needed customized framing, which is expensive. was inspired by my framing journey. I wanted to find a better solution to make the framing experience not just fun and easy but also cost-effective, for everyone. We are pretty sure that you will have wonderful moments stored on the phone or PC which not seen for many years. Our mission is to get these moments from the digital form and turn them into complete framed photos within minutes wherever you are. Typically, we will deliver your frames within 7 working days.

Now you have more stories to tell your family and friends whenever they visit you. Enjoy those moments.

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