Which Photos To Frame

Your walls are looking empty and the minimalist in you appreciates the simple and spacious approach to decorating but lately you have been inspired by the world around you.

Now you want to capture these inspirations, print it, frame it and hang it for you to observe and reflect. At the very least, it becomes a conversation starter with the guests who visit your apartment or house.

But you have an overwhelming amount of photos on your phone and you’re not sure how they will all fit together.

phone gallery


Here are some ways to get around it.

Photos of your friends and family are easily grouped together. Whether you are on holiday on a beach in Pulau Redang or your mum and aunts enjoying a meal together during a celebration, or school photos of you and your siblings, all these work pretty seamlessly together. So get them framed and start decorating your wall and your life.

Now you may enjoy the vibrant colours of the Phalaenopsis orchids or deep orange, golds, purple and pinks of the sky at sunset. These colorful photos are the most eye-catching so you want to be careful not to put too many too close to each other. What you can do is group photos with a similar color palate together so they don’t clash. This works for black and white and monochromatic photos as well.

You saw a wonderful wide picture of the KLCC or the vast and magnificent architecture of the Great Wall of China or the Taj Mahal and these are the types of photos you want big prints of. Just how big depends on the space, the resolution of the picture and your budget. These photos group well with street photography and portraits of people who live in and around those places.


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